About Metterwoon, entrepreneur in real estate


Metterwoon Vastgoed B.V. was founded in 1974 and over the years it has grown to become one of the larger private real estate companies in the Netherlands.

Independent, versatile and enterprising, with its focus firmly fixed on the long term.

Metterwoon’s professionally structured organisation manages all aspects of its own extensive portfolio, which consists of homes, shops, shopping centres, offices and business premises, and also directs external managers.

Its area of activity in the Netherlands broadly consists of the Randstad conurbation, with a strong focus on The Hague and Rotterdam.

Since 2005 Metterwoon has also been active in the German real estate market. Its investments in Germany are located throughout the country.

With an enthusiastic team of around 90 specialised employees, the company strives daily to maintain its quality and service, and where possible to improve them. The lines of communication are short and the atmosphere is open and informal.